Frank Schultz:  Lap Steel Guitar
Scott Burland:  Theremin
Dennis Palmer:  XXX analog synthesizer, vocal-telling
Bob Stagner:  Pearl drums and percussion
Ernie Paik:  electric violin
Evan Lipson:  Paik bass
Andrew Weathers:  guitar, banjo
Helena Espvall:  Cello and effects
Richard Lainhart:  Buchla 200e & Continuum
Bill Brovold:  lap steel guitar, percussion, organ reed

Link to review in Electronic Musician magazine, October 2013 issue

"collaborations is filled with perfectly aligned components orbiting in blissful celestial harmony, and an abundance of magical moments." 
Doug DeLoach, Creative Loafing Atlanta

"Itís an entrancing and rewarding interstellar expedition into the realm of ethereal drone." 
Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer

The CD is now available at Decatur CD, Criminal Records and
online through just about every digital distribution service around!

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Dennis Palmer/Bob Stagner

Ernie Paik

Evan Lipson

Andrew Weathers

Helena Espvall

Richard Lainhart

In May of 2011, we set out on a recording tour beginning in Chattanooga, TN with the Shaking Ray Levis (Dennis Palmer, Bob Stagner, Ernie Paik, Evan Lipson),
Greensboro, NC with Andrew Weathers, Philadelphia, PA with Helena Espvall, New City, NY with Richard Lainhart, and finally New Paltz, NY with Bill Brovold. 

New friendships were forged and old friendships were strengthened.  We are fortunate to know and to have played with such talented, giving people.

What a fantastic road trip!  Brief memories...playing for two hours with the Shaking Rays crew, then sitting down to an amazing steak dinner courtesy of Ernie.
Listening back to the recordings at Andrew's place and hearing cars and motorcycles on the recordings.  It all works somehow.
Drinking wine in Helena's beautiful backyard before playing in her home filled with wonderful curiosities, then a home cooked meal at Kelly's. 

Frank chugging Gatorade and Emergen-C before heading into the Mutter Museum.

Driving into Richard's driveway, him standing on the roof to greet us, and playing in his pristine studio.

Landing on our feet in NYC, spending two days at the Bentley Hotel courtesy of Zain, speeding around Manhattan and Brooklyn in cabs, visiting fancy bars, then running into friends from Atlanta at Issue Project Room.

Driving to Bill's idyllic pad in New Paltz and him making us feel like old friends.

A mostly foggy drive straight back to Atlanta the final day.

Frank Schultz spent many hours in his studio, editing and mastering this collection which we are now proud to release.

Collaborations" is now available at Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA, Decatur CD in Decatur, GA and online through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and emusic.

Bill Brovold

Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel